Dominus Galaxia is 4X that is both deep and easy to approach

You are the emperor of  a space-faring race -- not its janitor, mechanic, pencil pusher, or economist. Real depth is accomplished through significant strategic and tactical choices...

...And not through excessive micromanagement or mechanically learned behaviours. You don't have to memorize tech trees or devise the perfect equation for economic growth to win.

Elements that lead to formulaic play are de-emphasized by design

We are taking special care to make the AI as authentically human-like and challenging as possible -- without cheating

Our goal is for each session to be as unique as possible. This means moving away from repetitive elements and towards interesting, emergent gameplay



  • Streamlined controls that do not sacrifice depth

  • Completely turn based - Make your moves carefully

  • Hex based tactical combat

  • Deep ship design. No simplified rock-paper-scissors mechanics

  • Huge, randomized tech trees

  • Many unique and interesting races

  • A variety of galactic terrain types

  • Random events, ranging from benign to game changing

  • Deep modding support